- DETROIT - An Exploratory Magical Adventure

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An American carnival meets an international bazaar

Immerse yourself in a magical immersive adventure for all ages. Discover how an American carnival meets an international bazaar inspired by the magic of the classic fairytale. Be sure to add it to your list of things to do this summer in Philly!

Explore a magical world for all ages

The Genie’s Secret Bazaar is a magical sanctuary right out of a storybook. Colorful stalls bustle with activity; the warm scents of food and spices linger in the air… Prepare to delve into a beautiful hideaway where secretive merchants, conniving fortune tellers, and awe-inspiring artists spin an imaginative tale of adventure. Your magical immersive experience inspired by the iconic tale of “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” awaits!

Breathtaking shows, games, shopping and much more!

There is plenty to see and do while roaming the bazaar. See performance vignettes in secret theaters, solve hidden puzzles in a scavenger hunt, have a bite to eat, be enchanted with the final parade and uncover the bazaar’s mysteries as you get caught up in a storybook adventure of your own making. Then, shop till you drop at the different stalls so you can take the magic home with you!

Practical Info

  1. Date: Coming soon!
  2. Duration: 2 hours
  3. Location: A secret venue with stunning decor transformed into a mysterious bazaar in Detroit.
  4. Age requirement: All ages welcome!
  5. Price: Starting at $30
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  • Julie S.

    “What a fun experience!!! We had an amazing time dancing, learning, flying on magic carpets and practicing magic tricks. We loved dancing in the parade and being part of the action. Just a ton of fun!”

  • Carole F.

    “A lot of fun! Great for families.”

  • Elaina H.

    "I wish I could give more than 5 stars. The experience was incredible, and all the performers were engaging and genuinely personable. Thanks so much to all for a fabulous time!!!"

  • Nicole S.

    “Every one of the staff was amazing. Enthusiasm was infectious and it was such a cute event. Had an amazing time.”

  • Samantha J.

    “It was fun, unique, and interesting. The whole family enjoyed it and we´d love to attend more events like this one!”

  • Rehana J.

    “I´ve never been to something like this before and it was amazing.”


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